Tips for Living Green

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Tips for Living Green


l Fix any plumbing leaks.

l Install a programmable thermostat.

l Use compact, long-life fluorescent light bulbs.

l During winter, change the filter in your furnace montly.

l Use non-toxic cleaners in your home.

l Buy furnishings constructed of natural materials.

l Compost your food waste.

l Cut down on paper products.

l Depend on reusable items.

l Ride your bike, walk or take public transportation.

l Think globally but buy (produce) locally.

l Use rechargable or solar-charged batteries.

l Avoid products with excess packaging.

l Buy a couple of canvas bags to transport groceries.

l Avoid the use of aerosols.

l Never dispose of paint, solvents, or motor oil in your garbage can.

l Donate your old books to libraries or schools.

l Donate your old photos and letters to your local historical society.

l Don’t take that old dishwasher to the dump, donate it.